"The One Room School Still Teaches"

This original schoolhouse was built on its present site circa 1868 and opened for children, grades 1 - 7, for families who lived in the Port Republic area of Calvert County, Maryland. It remained in continuous use until the consolidation of schools in 1932, at which time it was closed.

The schoolhouse suffered the ravages of time until 1976 when it was restored by the Calvert County Retired Teachers Association as a bicentennial project.
Today groups of school children spend the day recreating a one-room school experience, including a walk through the woods to school and lessons taught as they would have been at the turn of the 20th century. 

About Us

 In 1957 the schoolhouse and its property were transferred to its present owner, Christ  Church Parish. 

 The Calvert Retired School Personnel Association and the Friends of the One-Room Schoolhouse share responsibility for the maintenance and educational programs offered to school-age children and adults with an interest in historical buildings and education. 

 Currently, the Calvert County Public School curriculum includes a day at the schoolhouse for all fourth grade students who experience a typical day in a one-room school and learn about life in rural Calvert County, before electricity, indoor plumbing, cars, and buses. 


Click here and watch this video to learn more about the history of our school.

3080 Broomes Island Road
Port Republic, MD 20676